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Social media marketing provides businesses with an effective and economical way to increase sales, improve brand loyalty and reduce marketing costs. Digital tools allow entrepreneurs to create a long-lasting ‘passive’ way to attract potential customers to their businesses.

There are over 500 000 monthly active people in Riga with 69% who are 25-54 years old. Those people might be your potential customers. Let them know about your business for as cheap as 50 EUR/m.

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For a sole proprietor every minute matters, by outsourcing your SMM to an agency for as low as 140 EUR/m, you can focus on maintaining building your product as best as you can, while we focus on bringing customers to you.

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By this stage organizations get overwhelmed with daily operations and simply cannot allocate any time for business development and marketing activities. Social media is a great tool that does not require that much time when you know what you are doing.

Medium enterprise

When your company grows, not only should you focus on maintaining revenue, you need to hire more people. Social media allows you to target best candidates and build a list of potential employees.

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